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  • Atillery’s “By Inheritence” is the best Album they got in my opinion. I myself compare these guys to Overkill, The Album kicks off with a crazy wicked egyption sound and is f##kn killer, then Khomaniac is just the song to kick off the album with nice drum beats and catchy riffs, with clean almost high pitched vocals like really no one i,ve really heard. Then theres the title track “By Inheritance” which so bad a$$ i compare it to Overkills”Elimination”,everything about that song is worth getttn.
    The faster songs on this album like “Life in Bondage” is one of those riffing like Megadeths-”Rattlehead” “Lucrica”.then theres “Back in the Trash” that is really good not tooo fast or to slow talk about catchy riffage, i compare it to again Megadeths “tornado of Souls”
    U should give this album a try if u are not familiar with Artillery, Terror Squad is a Artillery’/Thrash classic also

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I used to frequent a local record shop back in the day and their “cut-outs” (bargain bin) of cassette tapes. It was a veritable gold mine of unheard of yet (sometimes) talented metal bands and I had the good fortune of picking this one up.

    I’m still transferring my old cassettes to CD and this was the latest one. These guys are incredibly talented and are quite reminiscent of Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets era Metallica, which comes as little surprise since this album was produced by Fleming Rasmussen who also produced those albums for Metallica.

    Actually I think Artillery is more riff-heavy than Metallica, but that’s just an opinion, but you can definitely hear Rasmussen’s influence in the sound.

    Any old school metal fan should pick this one up.

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Artillery. One of those bands you never heard of. The type of band that got totally ignored by the Thrashmetal scene back in the old days. but there are some of us out there who did not ignore this superior awesome band. Artillery sound very similar to Master of Puppets, but with Udo from Accept doing vocals. However, they are just as talented if not more than old Metallica. The first track Komaniac is one of the most badass Speedthrash songs ever written and the riffs remind me very much of the ones in “Dyer’s Eve” from Justice. Plus Flemming Rasmussen produced By Inheritence which gives the guitar sound that extra thick crushing sound. The songwriting on this album is so awesome it really is a shame that Artillery have been ignored so much. All ten songs totally kick ass full with skull smashing riffs, blazing solos and also a few clean arppegiated passages which would appeal to fans of the debut Metal Church album. All in all this album is in my opinion a true Thrash classic and it needs to get reissued!! Buy it now you will not be disappointed

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now