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  • I used to frequent a local record shop back in the day and their “cut-outs” (bargain bin) of cassette tapes. It was a veritable gold mine of unheard of yet (sometimes) talented metal bands and I had the good fortune of picking this one up.

    I’m still transferring my old cassettes to CD and this was the latest one. These guys are incredibly talented and are quite reminiscent of Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets era Metallica, which comes as little surprise since this album was produced by Fleming Rasmussen who also produced those albums for Metallica.

    Actually I think Artillery is more riff-heavy than Metallica, but that’s just an opinion, but you can definitely hear Rasmussen’s influence in the sound.

    Any old school metal fan should pick this one up.

    Posted on March 11, 2010