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Calculating Infinity

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  • Obviously not everyone is going to like this band. When I first heard the songs I had no idea what was going on and it would have been easy for me to throw my headphones to the ground and say “this is crap, i cant understand this!” but after listening to each song 4 or 5 times I was hooked. If you don’t like the band, fine. If you dont think its “metal” or “heavy” or “artistic”, cool, who cares. Those types of arguements will never be sorted out because it is all opinion.
    However saying the musicians are talentless hacks is pure garbage. Its easy to say that something is complex or mathy. I have been playing guitar for 10 years and still have difficulty playing most of their songs. Being able to compose this type of music where you arent just plugging a riff into a 4/4 drum beat is astounding, their music takes tons of practice and collaboration with each band member. As a musician you can tell that these guys take their instruments seriously. My friend hates heavy music, only listens to jazz and classical, but he still made me take him to one of their concerts because he was blown away by thier talent. The fact that they play as tightly live as on the album without dying of exhaustion is also amazing. Most fans of this band aren’t metal fans, they are music fans with radiohead, miles davis, squarepusher, don caballero, the roots, on their shelves. I read an interview where the bassist was saying their drummer goes through one drumming theory book a week. Thats why these guys are what music should be about. They say that not everyone will like them, and they really don’t care. They are just fantastic musicians who are honing their craft and trying to play at 100% of thier ability every song. That is why their cd has been in constant rotation for me and hasn’t lost any of its novelty.

    Posted on February 28, 2010