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  • Starting off with ‘Social Enemies’, a slowly thumping drum and bass backdrop to Jay Gordon’s awesome vocals, you know this CD is already worth your money. ‘Stitches’ comes next, with a medium almost peppy beat and some great lyrics. ‘Dissention’ picks the beat up to a fast paced and lyrically fun track, then dropping the beat back down for ‘Platinum’ which has a short but fun electronic break in it. ‘Fetisha’ is somewhat similar, but with more isolated drum moments, and though ‘Fiend’ doesn’t particularly stand out, its still good music. ‘Blue Monday’ is definitely the Dance-Till-You-Drop track of Candyass, deep bass beat and spectacular guitar and drum riffs. ‘Gender’ is a disco-ish, heavy-on-the-electronics romp, before `All The Same’ and its sexy slower throb. `Pantomime’ is good rock with fantastic vocal movement between verse and chorus. On `Revival’, Jonathon Davis from Korn joins in with Jay Gordon on the chorus vocals, their two different vocal styles blending astonishingly, and combining these awesome vocals with a deep beat, fuzzy guitars, electronic breaks, and superb lyrics. Wow! `Dizzy’ is a fun finish to the CD, starting with a deep muttering vocal that moves straight into a litany of “Dizzy Dizzy Dumb Dumb, Dizzy Dizzy Dumb Dumb” (that I Always get stuck on at work, muttering it under my breath) and then picks up with deep slow guitar riffs and pulsating drums that build higher and higher to the finish as Jay goes from muttering to screaming. My favorites are Revival, Social Enemies, Stitches, Blue Monday, All The Same, and Dizzy. All in all, Orgy is an astonishingly fresh band that delivers rock without some of the brutality that I tend to like in other bands, giving me a clean dose of energy when needed. Candyass is a must have.

    Posted on December 6, 2009