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  • Let’s face it… goths need pinups too, and Marilyn Manson just doesn’t cut it. Armed with boyish charm and a synth-pop arsenal come Orgy, pretty boys in shiny cosmetics, thrift store finery and shimmering designer garb, with “Candyass”, a stunning, sensual, intelligent neo-glam record that will have any child of the dark peeing their pvc pants after one listen. Although released on Korn’s new label, Elementree Records, “Candyass” sounds nothing like their House-of-Pain-meets-Ozzy rock. Orgy also bear no resemblance to Manson’s brand of pseudo-glam-crap. Some little “gofflings” with raccoon-on-acid eyeliner might like to think that, but the only similarities between the prince of satanic stupidity and Orgy frontman Jay Gordon are their gangly heights and the fact that they both wear makeup. Gordon has a sensuous voice that sounds something like the bastard-child of David Bowie and Trent Reznor, with a little Peter Murphy & Andrew Eldritch thrown in for fun. The music itself has a new-wavey, Depeche Mode/ Cure vibe, with lots of synth-guitar and drum machines. It’s “Pretty Hate Machine” as engineered by demonic angels… a record to spin whether you’re bouncing around, making out or festering in a bottomless pit of depression. The songs are lyrically amazing, despite the fact that the band swear they’re all a bunch of fairytales. “Stitches” stands out as the most chilling, a story of the use and abuse of a significant other. There’s even a cover on here: New Order’s infamous 80’s staple, “Blue Monday.” Orgy preserve the song’s original dancey beat while adding their own metallic touches. Orgy… the boys, the style, and most importantly, the music… are sexy, dark,and thought-provoking, yet fun. “Candy” is dandy… just taste it for yourself.

    Posted on December 6, 2009