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  • This is by far one of the greatest albums of 1999! Orgy is the one of the few bands in the music scene today that have any creativity. Their debut album CANDYASS is the most original-sounding album of all time. I know that is a bold statement, but it is so true. Every single sound and beat is something from another world. No words can fully represent their sound. New terms have even been invented to try and categorize their sound : “death-pop” & “Neo-goth” The vocalist (and very sexy) Jay Gordan contributes to the group’s uniqueness with his voice. His singing voice is even different from any other band’s vocalist I’ve ever heard! And so is his rhythm pattern and pronunciation. The images the music produces are reinforced by the band’s creative fashion. They too look from another world as does their music. There hasn’t been a fresh album like this since Nine Inch Nails’ debut back in 1989 with PRETTY HATE MACHINE. The music of Orgy is heavy enough for the regular metal fan, original enough for the alternative fan, and exotic enough for the artistic pilgrim looking for the extremes of all genres of music. This album has something for everyone! A truly unique, if nothing else, sound and look this band has. I’m not even much of a music fan. I use to think that I hated music, primarily because of the large amount of undesirable music out today. But when I heard Orgy’s brilliant cover of ‘Blue Monday’ I was hooked! I was even slightly turned off by the band’s name. Because, at first, I thought it to be another immature statement to corrupt society but then I read an interview with the band and they stated that it is not a sexual reference. It is an “orgy of sounds” That is sooooooo true ! Few albums have such a vast universe of sonic architecture ! This band is already beginning to create yet another genre of music and art. Watch out !

    Posted on December 6, 2009