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  • In 1998, I wasn’t sure what Orgy was but they sounded fresh and appealing. With their 98 debut, Orgy may not have been totally pop-friendly but is surprisingly effective. All of this music flows on an electronic surface.It is interesting to realize that Orgy’s roots are more diverse than most. They hit hard but consistent like a modern day depeche mode, but rather than drawing from the 70’s, Orgy takes their lessons from the early 80’s. Musical cues were taken from David Bowie’s Let’s Dance and Tonight era, Gary Numan, and Duran Duran. This is more evident with the notion that Candyass’ biggest single was “Blue Monday”, a clever and fanciful remake of New Order’s famous early 80’s hit. In addition, Orgy makes for a group of clever songwriters. This is always a plus. While most bands choose rhyme over reason to describe themselves, Orgy generally prefers the latter. To some, Candyass is purely a bunch of noise, but the hooks are at least obvious, even if distorted and the messages are visceral, even if not discernible in what they achieve. To most Candyass is merely an industrial metal rehash but for those who approach it with an open mind, Candyass could be considered a debut masterpiece.

    Posted on December 6, 2009