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  • Unlike most Static-X reviewers on here, I can honestly say that I’ve loved every Static-X album released so far. Some have obviously been better than others, but they’re all good. “Cannibal” has a more stripped down sound, the electronics are still there, but they are more subtle on these guitar-driven tracks. I must say, I kinda miss the electronics sometimes because its part of what makes Static-X unique, but they’re still present enough to make the album sound like them. The album is pretty raw, offering nothing along the lines of more radio-friendly tunes like “Cold” or “The Only.” The albums first single, “Destroyer” is about as mainstream as it gets. Speaking of “Destroyer”, I felt this song was probably one of the weaker tracks on here. I was definitely more impressed with tunes like “Cannibal” and “Cuts You Up”. There’s also “Forty Ways” (which sounds like a more constantly heavy version of “Love Dump”) and “Goat” (which sounds like a slowed down version of “Fix”). This album also offers some old school metal riffs on tunes like “No Submission” and “Chemical Logic”, almost like a riff you’d hear on Metallica’s Kill Em All album. What’s also different about this album is that almost every song offers a guitar solo, which is unusual for Static-X to do. On my first listen, this album didn’t strike me as anything special, but on my 2nd and 3rd listens, I found it very catchy and fun. Even though this album is heavier and faster than much of the songs from “Shadow Zone” or “Start A War”, I think the band is having as much fun as ever…this is metal to shake your a** to!

    Posted on March 3, 2010