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  • In a way, i feel a bit bad for Static-x. They kind of created this little techno/Metal/Funk thing and the style is unique! Problem is, the minute they try something even remotly different, they will be pagued with the dreaded “sell Out” tag. I say this when reading comments about the “same sound”, or the “Stripped down” sound of this cd and it makes me CRAZY!
    Unfortunately for them, people liked their first cd too much!

    When ‘Machine’ came out, people thought is wasnt as ‘energetic’ as the first cd, because every song wasnt going crazy. “Shadow Zone” was a ‘complete’ sellout because they attempted to cut back on the effects a little and add a miniscule amount of melody. ‘Start a War’ was supposedly “not as good” as ‘Wisconsin…’ and sounded tired.
    What the hell can this band do that is right for the people yet gives them (as musicians)a little room to try something new? Thats the problem, and i feel bad for the band for that reason! They cant, and i think they now know that.

    Now onto ‘Cannibal’. This cd is a little stripped down, as in not having loops or effects on every second of the disk. I find this to be a plus! It shows they are relying more on being a band instead of relying on effects to carry a song. They find and use effects that work for the particular song instead of using them to appease “Wisconsin Death Trip” fans to the point of overkill. This cd is more of a mix of ‘Start a War’ and ‘Machine’. The heaviness is there in layers, but there is just enough melody to make it click.

    Best Tracks are : Cannibal, No Submission, Destryoyer, Reptile (Weird and heavy But extremely cool) and ‘Electric Pulse’. But i am sure that list will grow with more listens. There are a few Guitar solos that surprise. Adding a more ‘Metal’ feel to the cd.
    Bottom Line : If you liked them before, youll still love them. There really isnt much of a difference from prior efforts, but the songs are kick as*. You can put all their cds in a disc changer (including this one) and hit the random button without thinking twice. Lyrically, Wayne will never win writing awards, we’ll just leave it at that. The funky, thick grooves are there in droves though, which is the reason to have it!
    Dont listen to people who say this is not as good, or anything else. Its a pure STATIC-X cd. I think the band has come full circle and realize they can not do much in the little ‘niche they created. But we wouldnt have it any other way.. I dont see many admiring them for at least their consistancy, so i will!! Thanks! Good to know you can still spend $12 and be happy.

    Posted on March 4, 2010