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  • The fellas are back in full stride with Cannibal. Evil disco is back. Just finished listening to the album that I pre-ordered from Warner site. They werent bs’ing when they said it’ll ship sometime around the release date (but i got kinda ripped since it costed me like 24 dollars or something just for an extra song. Not even a freakin cool slip-case or dvd bonuses like they had on their special edition cd’s.. maaaaan). My album has the extra track “Get up and boogie” since I pre-ordered it from the Warner site. The old days of short and catchy music/lyrics are back. Not a song is “sung” like in the Start a War and Shadow Zone. They even do guitar solos now. The tech-lectric background ambient noises are top-notch and compliment the songs well also. I think this is their most “metal” attempt thus far. Well done guys, now I can wear my static-x shirt again with pride.

    Posted on March 4, 2010