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  • I first got introduced to Static-X way back in ‘99 when Wisconsin Death Trip first popped onto the scene. I have been a fan since, and they have formed into one of my favorite bands. I don’t care if a bunch of people don’t consider them metal or not. I don’t consider them metal anyway, I consider them alternative. Industrial mixed with techno influence topped off with the punk attitude of keeping the songs short, sweet and addictive. Quite frankly I don’t give a crap if they are metal or not. My rule on music is if I like it, I listen to it. Trying to label stuff gives me a headache, listening to music nerds argue over what to label “metal” gives me a BIG headache.

    I’m also not a person who wanted this to be Wisconsin Death Trip part II. I like bands that play with their sound and evolve, which is what Static-X has done while also keeping their distinctive sound. I don’t want to buy the same CD over and over.

    I might have agreed with the people on these reviews that the songs are not catchy, had I not listened to the CD multiple times. I knew before I listened to the CD that they were going for a stripped down, raw sound, but when I first listened to it I thought it was kind of forgettable. Over the past few days I’ve been able to listen to the CD about 10+ times (I’m an art student with a lot of time to listen to music) which is the only reason I feel I can give a fair opinion so soon since buying it. I can say now that I completely disagree with people saying that none of the songs are memorable. In fact after a few listens this CD really hooked itself into my brain and took over.

    So I’m just going to break down the songs:
    1. Cannibal – Love the beginning of the song, so odd and a nice wake up. Nice intro track to get you into the feel of the album.
    2. No Submission – You can mosh to it, you can dance to it. Love it.
    3. Behemoth – Awesome, a great blend of techno and rock. Love the trippy guitar solo.
    4. Chemical Logic – One of my favorites. It’s fast it’s weird and I like that odd distorted voice.
    5. Destroyer – I find it odd that this is the first single. It’s a decent, catchy mid-tempo track, but it’s not the best example of the overall sound of this album.
    6. Forty Ways – I love this track so much. It’s probably one of my favorite songs they have ever done.
    7. Chromo-matic – This track is OK, good but not great.
    8. Cuts You Up – Another one of my favorites, for some reason the chorus of the song reminds me of White Zombie.
    9. Reptile – The weakest track on the album. The bouncy verses remind me of System of a Down. The song just doesn’t mesh together very well.
    10. Electric-Pulse – A decent track. Similar to Destroyer, catchy but not the best track.
    11. Goat – Different track, starts with a mellow beat and builds to a kind of cool slow-grind kind of song. My only minor complaint is that the rhythm of the verse is really similar to “Wisconsin Death Trip.”
    12 Team Hate – A nice driving track to close out the album, another one that you could mosh to or dance to.

    If I had to give a comparison to their previous albums I would say this album is kind of like Wisconsin Death Trip + Machine with a stripped down attitude.

    Keep Disco Evil, and keep up the good work Static-X.

    Posted on March 4, 2010