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Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years

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  • Megadeth did a great job of making a greatest hits album that didn’t suck! From the classics to the new stuff, everything on this album is worth listening to. If you are a Megadeth fan, then you should buy this album. The whole song lineup is great. This album includes one of the best metal songs of all time, “In My Darkest Hour,” and also some other greats such as; “Trust,” “A Tout Le Monde,” and the incredible guitar songs “Hangar 18″ and “Holy Wars…The Punishment is Due.” This record does a great job of capturing their sound.So buy it and crank up the volume!!!

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  • What is wrong with you people? It doesn’t have this, it doesn’t have that… bla bla bla… What no KILLING IS MY… shut up! You probably have the real albums anyway, no? Yeah, so whats your problem? The CD has what it has, get the real friggin albums. Theres no pleasing you as***les I swear to GOD!

    Check out the brand new HITS package that just came out, maybe it has what you’re looking for.
    Me personally, I like this hits package better because it has the few tracks that I don’t have on other discs. Like USE THE MAN. I basically only wanted that one but I don’t like CRYPTIC WRITINGS so I bought this instead. I didn’t sit there and bitch because CRYPTIC WRITINGS doesn’t have TRAIN OF CONSEQUENSES on it. Get a purpose, jerks.

    By the way, this one is out of print so you have to buy it used.

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  • Released October 24th, 2000, Capitol Punishment-The Megadeth Years, is the first compilation released for Megadeth.Arguably, along with Metallica, Megadeth were the purveyors of some of the hardest, fastest, and all-out thrash-fests that have given them quite a legacy over the years. Although not nearly as popular as Metallica, they are still extremely popular, and one example is that their CD, Countdown To Extinction, reached #2 on the Billboard Charts, but was knocked off by The Black Album. Although not widely or hardly played on the radio, Megadeth gets some radio airplay in primarily Metal stations, but other than that, most casual listeners who don’t want to buy any Megadeth albums are left out in the cold. So Megadeth pieced together a compilation that covered all the albums from Piece Sells… But Who’s Buying? to their last album, The World Needs A Hero. Plus, as an added bonus, the song “Kill The King” can be found nowhere but on this compilation, and that is a necessity for Die-Hards, as this is probably one of my favorite Megadeth songs. So how does Capitol Punishment stack up? Read on to find out!PROS–THE TWO UNRELEASED TRACKS ARE CLASSIC- Megadeth outdid themselves in this case, as the two new tracks, Kill The King and Dread & The Fugitive Mind, are some of the best tracks on this album, and some of Megadeth’s best. Note- You can find Dread & The Fugitive Mind on the album The World Needs A Hero.-YOU GET SOME OF MEGADETH’S MOST POPULAR AND BEST SONGS- In Capitol Punishment, you get such classics such as “Symphony of Destruction”, “Sweating Bullets”, “Kill The King”, “Almost Honest”, and plus all their amazing material from Rust And Peace down that won’t fail to please!-CHEAP!- For some reason, most CD stores, including Best Buy and Circuit City, have clearanced this CD, so you can get it for a meager 9.99$, a steal if there ever was one! Also readily available and easy to find anywhere!-ONLY ONE TRACK FROM RISK, AND IT ROCKS!- Without a doubt, Risk was Megadeth’s lowest hour, and I’m glad to see the only good track from that album, “Crush ‘Em”, here so you don’t have to buy the album!-GOES IN REVERSE CHRONILOGICAL ORDER- Usually this would be a bad thing, but it shows just how much better Megadeth’s 80’s stuff was compared to the 90’s. -ALMOST FILLS UP THE 80 MINUTE TIME SLOT- Although I wanted this compilation to be MUCH longer, it does a nice job of nearly filling up the 80 minutes, which is more than you can say than for most compilations.-LYRICS!- This is the only compilation I own where the lyrics are included, and that’s a definite plus!CONS–DAVE MUSTAINE’S VOCALS- This is just a warning to all potential buyers, Mustaine’s vocals, on many tracks, AREN’T GOOD AT ALL, so you have been warned! An example would be the song “Sweating Bullets”!-TO MANY SINGLES MISSING- Where are the 2 other singles from Countdown To Extinction, “Skin O’ My Teeth” and “Foreclosure of a Dream”? These are some of their biggest hits. Also, where are some of their biggest hits from Hidden Treasures such as “Go to Hell,” “99 Ways to Die,” and “Angry Again” ? These are some of their biggest hits!-ALMOST NO REPRESENTATION FROM ‘80′S MATERIAL!- Along with Rust In Peace, some of Megadeths’ best stuff is from the 80’s, and we only get 2 SONGS FROM THAT ERA! WTF! Megadeth is at heart a thrash band, and their beginnings couldn’t have been more scattershot!-NOTHING AT ALL FROM MEGADETH’S FIRST TWO ALBUMS!- Nothing at all his here to represent Megadeth’s first album, Killing Is My Business….And Business Is Good!, and that’s a shame, as it’s a good album!Overall, this is a VERY basic overview of the 90’s, with two choices from the 80’s thrown in for good measure. I was very disappointed with this compilation, and I don’t feel it truly represents Megadeth. What they should have done would be to make a Killing Is My Business through Rust in Peace compilation, and another one with songs from Countdown to Extinction through the World Needs A Hero.RECOMMENDED ONLY IF YOU’RE A VERY, I REPEAT CASUAL FAN OF MEGADETH WHO ONLY WANTS TO BUY ONE CD THAT SPANS THEIR WHOLE CAREER. INSTEAD, PICK UP SUCH CLASSICS AS RUST IN PEACE, PEACE SELLS… BUT WHO’S BUYING?, OR COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION! Also Recommended: Rust In Peace-Megadeth…And Justice For All- MetallicaAmong The Living- AnthraxThanks for Reading!

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  • Megadeth’s greatest hits collection “Capital Punishment” is a nice sampling of Dave Mustaine & Company’s Capital Records years, with some solid selections and a few outright classics, but serious Megadeth fans must agree that a few tunes are missing from this disc.The new tunes, “Kill the King” and “Dread and the Fugitive Mind” find them back to their roots after the Risk LP (from which only “Crush ‘Em” makes the collections cut), but the main focus is Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson’s glory-day rockers. Two tunes, “Trust” and “Almost Honest” from the Cryptic Writings LP, are perhaps Megadeth’s finest, songs perfectly constructed from start to finish. “Use the Man”, also from Cryptic Writings, is also a superb selection. The only song missing from that excellent album I wish they’d included is “Vortex”. Other worthy tracks include “Train of Consequences” off Youthanasia, “Sweating Bullets” and “Symphony of Destruction” from Countdown to Extinction, “In My Darkest Hour” off the So Far, So Good…So What LP, and of course the classic “Peace Sells (But Who’s Buying)” from the LP of the same name.Overall, an excellent review of Megadeth from the late ’80s into today. The only reason I’ve knocked my rating down a star is for the two or three tunes I wish could have been included, like “Angry Again” or “99 Ways to Die” from Hidden Treasures, or perhaps Megadeth’s version of “Anarchy in the UK” off So Far. And if I’d have chosen any song off of Risk, it’d probably be “Insomnia”.Can’t slam Dave Mustaine and the various lineups, however. Most everything they’ve done is light years better than the pap on radio. Megadeth continues to rock in a era in which most “popular” music has more to do with a Broadway Show than real rock ‘n roll. Long live Megadeth, the band that has yet to slow down or play with a symphony orchestra! [Grab] the new album as soon as it comes out (May, 2001).

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  • Metallica and Megadeth have a lot in common: both have moved in a more “mainstream” direction after starting out as thrash metal purists, and both have to suffer under the weight of loyal but often intolerant fans who just won’t allow their heroes any changes in artistic style. This Greatest Hits collection is perfect for those who want to hear a range of Megadeth songs throughout their career, but it will certainly not please the hardcore thrash fans who want Dave Mustaine to recreate the sound of his early releases over and over again. But if you can stay open-minded about the band’s creative evolution, there’s some great stuff on here. Now, back to my tirade against Megadeth’s more intolerant fans: On Cryptic Writings, Dave Mustaine wrote a couple of great, bitter love songs, “Trust” and “Almost Honest,” both of which are included on this CD, that sound a lot different than the thrash metal of “Holy Wars” and “Hangar 18″ (also on this compilation) Never mind that these songs are two of the most honest and original relationship songs ever written by a male metal performer, Megadeth must have “sold out.” Friends, Dave Mustaine has recorded some bad songs in recent years, but he has NEVER SOLD OUT! He certainly cheezed out on “Crush ‘Em,” which was a song that probably should have been thrown on the studio scrap heap (unfortunately it’s found its way onto this compilation), but accusing Dave Mustaine of selling out is a pretty cheap shot at someone who stuck to his guns throughout the grunge era, when there was very little unapologetic metal and long hair to be had. “Use the Man,” another gem from Cryptic Writings that is also included here, proves that up until quite recently Dave was able to write a passionate song with really smart, original lyrics. The problem is one of context: if a band with no thrash roots and no real integrity, such as, say, Stone Temple Pilots, had released Cryptic Writings instead, people would be talking about how ballsy they were and how great “Trust” and “Use the Man” were.There are a ton of great songs on this album, and a handful of all time metal classics (“Symphony,” “Peace Sells,” etc) are amongst them. Megadeth’s biggest problem is there are too many essential songs for one CD. Notable omissions include “99 Ways to Die,” “Angry Again,” and “Go To Hell.” A particularly surprising omission is “Wake Up Dead,” not one of my favorites, but the song that first broke Megadeth through to a larger audience belongs on this CD. I am disturbed by one thing, however, and I must take Megadeth to task on this directly. For Megadeth to release a greatest hits without “Take No Prisoners,” which is not only their best song but arguably the greatest metal song every recorded, is unforgivable. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for people to appreciate this song, with its breakneck pace, devastating, brilliant lyrics, constant tempo changes, and all-time-classic “ask not what you can do for your country” climax, but I guess it won’t be anytime soon, since Megadeth won’t even play this song in concert anymore from what I can tell. If you like “Peace Sells, “Holy Wars,” and “Hangar 18″ from this CD, definitely track down “Take No Prisoners” from Rust in Peace- the best Megadeth song that even the band doesn’t seem to know about.

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