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  • Originally released in 1981,this seventeen track live album(duration:70 minutes)came out following the release and tour of their ‘Departure’ lp.So,it’s material draws from that effort as well as their ‘Evolution’ and ‘Infinity’ lp’s.As for a live album,it’s pretty good.I’d JUST seen the revamped Journey line-up play at a live concert,and rest assure that vocalist Steve Perry’s replacement Steve Augeri fits in really well.When I heard the soundcheck,from outside the outdoor venue,I honestly thought there for a moment,that,”Hey I didn’t know Steve Perry was back in the band”.Of course,I had a rather pleasant wake-up call a few minutes later.All the radio-friendly songs you remember are here,like “Just The Same Way”,”Lights”,”Too Late”,”Feeling That Way”,”Anytime”,”Walks Like A Lady”,”Wheels In The Sky” and “Anyway You Want It”.Great arena rock CD reissue.I’ve always sort of tagged them as ‘glossy pop’.

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  • Journey’s seventh US release and first and only double live album Captured was released in February of 1981.
    Captured was recorded on Journey’s 1980 tour in support of the album Departure. This album marked the last appearance of founding member keyboardist and vocalist Gregg Rolie whom would retire from the band during the mixing of this album.
    Rolie, along with lead singer Steve Perry, guitarist Neal Schon, bass player Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith rock out on this album and until the release of Live in Houston 1981 this was as close as you got to a Journey concert on album.
    We begin with the taped recording of the Evolution track Majestic which then segues into the killer Where Were You and is a superb version. Next is Just The Same Way which is one of my favorites, Schon’s soloing here rocks. We then segue into Line of Fire which is a great rocking shuffle. Next is the medley of Lights/Stay Awhile which is superb. Too Late is next and rivals the studio version. The exclusive track Dixie Highway is next and a studio version of this track was not ever recorded. Then the first half(first vinyl disc) ended with the medley of Feeling That Way/Anytime which features stellar harmonies once again with Rolie and Perry do a nice job trading off vocals.
    The original album’s second disc starts with the rocker Do You Recall which is a great version of the Evolution track. Next is Walks Like A Lady which includes some bluesy work from Schon and Rolie before ending with a wll of feedback from Schon’s guitar which would segue into a killer La Do Da which is better than its studio counterpart and has a bass and drums improv from Valory and Smith before going into a killer drum solo from Steve “the Machine Gun” Smith. Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ follows and is another highlight with stellar harmonies and excellent guitar work from Schon who plays some nasty slide here. Next is Wheel In The Sky which is a killer version and is rivaled only with the Live in Houston 1981 version and this one segues into the set closing Any Way You Want It in stellar fashion. The closing studio track The Pary’s Over(Hopelessly in Love) is a great song and featured Steve Roseman on keyboards as Gregg Rolie was gone from the band by then but is a great song.
    Captured remains a classic and was a successful live album peaking at #9 upon release and gave Journey its fourth Platinum album in a row. Journey proved with Captured that they could rock live and were great live!

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  • Before the days of Top Ten ballads and love songs, Journey was a stadium rock juggernaut. Selling out the largest arenas across the country and world wide, they were among the best in the business at delivering high energy rock and roll.While most of the record industry was jumping on the disco bandwagon during the late 70’s, Journey released three fantastic classic rock albums — Infinity, Evolution and Departure. Though they didn’t receive the same fanfare as some of the band’s later works (Escape or Frontiers for example), or the works of their contemporaries at the time (Kansas, Boston and Genesis), these trio of records rank among the best music recorded during that era. The aptly titled “Captured” is a fantastic encapsilation of the band at their peak — huge crowds, excellent music, amazing talent and tons of energy. While the album clearly has the polish of studio overdubs, it’s still an incredible demonstration of indiviual talent and musical harmony that existed in the band at the time.If your are a fan of 70s classic rock, and want an excellent companion to Cheap Trick’s “Live at Budakon” or Peter Framton’s “Comes Alive”, I highly recommend “Captured”.

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  • This is the best live collection I’ve ever heard. Captured is AOR at it’s peak. Unlike so many bands, Journey has always been able to sound even better live than in the studio. This CD truly captures the energy and feeling of a live Journey performance. Each time I listen to Captured I catch myself turning it up more and more as each song begins. The soaring combination of the Perry/Rolie vocals and Schon’s searing guitar is positively uplifting. It makes you want to turn it up and drive fast, tapping the steering wheel, belting out along to “Lovin Touchin Squeezin” and “Any Way You Want It”, stopping to outstretch your arms for the “I’m standing here with my arms a mile wide…” line in “Anytime”, and playing a bit of air guitar at traffic lights. This is a fun, feel-good CD, and is a must-have for all of the “children of the 80’s” out there…it sounds even better than the vinyl copy you had as a kid!

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  • This is a classic live album by my all-time favorite rock band. It includes many of the band’s classics from their three successive classic rock albums “Infinity” (1978), “Evolution” (1979), and “Departure” (1980). Needless to say for any true Journey fan, these songs sound great live.Many of these performances go far beyond the studio versions. Take the jam that comes out of “Walks Like A Lady”–a 3-minute song that turns into 7 minutes live. Songs like “Line Of Fire”, “Feeling That Way”, “Anytime”, and “Wheel In The Sky” absolutely rock. The inclusion of the live track “Dixie Highway” and the new (at the time of release) studio track “The Party’s Over (Hopelessly In Love) are also fantastic.This is what a live album should be. The crowd is very prevalent throughout the album, and the interaction between the band and the crowd is left unedited in many spots. Clearly, this band was as special live as they were on their studio albums. (They still are, by the way, as I just saw the current lineup at “The Big E” in Massachusetts on September 29th–their last show of this year’s tour.) This is a fantastic live album of some of the best classic rock of a generation. Highly recommended.

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