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  • This is the best live collection I’ve ever heard. Captured is AOR at it’s peak. Unlike so many bands, Journey has always been able to sound even better live than in the studio. This CD truly captures the energy and feeling of a live Journey performance. Each time I listen to Captured I catch myself turning it up more and more as each song begins. The soaring combination of the Perry/Rolie vocals and Schon’s searing guitar is positively uplifting. It makes you want to turn it up and drive fast, tapping the steering wheel, belting out along to “Lovin Touchin Squeezin” and “Any Way You Want It”, stopping to outstretch your arms for the “I’m standing here with my arms a mile wide…” line in “Anytime”, and playing a bit of air guitar at traffic lights. This is a fun, feel-good CD, and is a must-have for all of the “children of the 80’s” out there…it sounds even better than the vinyl copy you had as a kid!

    Posted on December 3, 2009