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  • Before the days of Top Ten ballads and love songs, Journey was a stadium rock juggernaut. Selling out the largest arenas across the country and world wide, they were among the best in the business at delivering high energy rock and roll.While most of the record industry was jumping on the disco bandwagon during the late 70’s, Journey released three fantastic classic rock albums — Infinity, Evolution and Departure. Though they didn’t receive the same fanfare as some of the band’s later works (Escape or Frontiers for example), or the works of their contemporaries at the time (Kansas, Boston and Genesis), these trio of records rank among the best music recorded during that era. The aptly titled “Captured” is a fantastic encapsilation of the band at their peak — huge crowds, excellent music, amazing talent and tons of energy. While the album clearly has the polish of studio overdubs, it’s still an incredible demonstration of indiviual talent and musical harmony that existed in the band at the time.If your are a fan of 70s classic rock, and want an excellent companion to Cheap Trick’s “Live at Budakon” or Peter Framton’s “Comes Alive”, I highly recommend “Captured”.

    Posted on December 3, 2009