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Carnal Repercussions

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  • If you’re not familiar with the Deathcore genre, it’s basically a cross between Metalcore (which itself is a hybrid of Metal and Hardcore) and Death Metal. Salt The Wound is a Deathcore band that sticks to the basic sound of the genre: Death Metal vocals (growling and screaming), Metalcore music (not too Technical, lots of tremolo picking, breakdowns, occasional guitar solos), and a vocal technique called “pig squeals” which basically sound exactly like a squealing pig.

    Before listening to this album, I was never really familiar with this band and I have to admit I was a sucker for the cool artwork which is usually the case with bands I don’t know. I’m also not too familiar with the whole Deathcore genre but am aware of the bands out there that exist. I gave CARNAL REPERCUSSIONS a couple of listens and was impressed at first but upon the second listen found that I got pretty bored with the overall sound. In the world of Metal that’s overpopulated by many bands that sound the same, in order for a band to get ANY attention they either have to bring something NEW to the table or completely EXCEL at the sound that they’re trying to do, and unfortunately Salt The Wound does neither. The entire album comes off as a by-the-numbers type of sound and creates an overall monotonous feeling.

    Overall, the songs sound the same and if you’re not paying attention you mat not even realize where one song ends and another begins. The vocalist does a decent job and sounds, at times, like Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God, however the occasional pig squeals became a bit annoying. Musically, the band isn’t that bad either. It’s a typical Metalcore sound that doesn’t really sound inspired and feels lazy. However, I really dig the gang vocals that are in a few songs. Especially the song “Peas And Carrots” that has a cool breakdown at the end, complete with gang vocals AND Death Metal growling over the top of it. It’s the only moment in the album that actually stood out. The rest of the album is monotonous and not very exciting.

    If Deathcore is your thing then I would definitely recommend this album. But if you’re a fan of all kinds of Metal, you may find CARNAL REPERCUSSIONS to be a bit boring. It’s heavy and brutal, but too basic in sound to stand out.

    2.5 stars

    Posted on February 12, 2010