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Carnal Repercussions

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  • ok people some understanding has to be made here. pretty much everything has been done, or written already. its not about who has the best drummer, the fastest double kicking, or picking anymore. its not even abotu trying to categorize bands anymore. poeple are too focused on what “genra” a band has to be to listen to them. its about who makes it sound the best. these guys do a pretty damn good job. these guys really like to change the pace alot in each song, which i personally love to hear. there is everything from blasting to crushing breakdowns, then wings right into a sic groove. they mix they’re blast beats with kind of a melodic death sound. the vocalist throws his vocals all over even doing pig squeals in the right places. there is a high level of influences in these guys music which you can tell right from the first song, and that keeps you listening in intself. im going on a limb here, but i would consider this a must have album.

    Posted on February 12, 2010