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Carving Desert Canyons

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  • I first encountered Scale the Summit when they opened for Dream Theater in Prog Nation. I was extremely impressed by their musicianship, but it seemed like there was way too much going on in their songs – I didn’t really get it. But now I do! You have to listen a few times to let the intricacy of this music really sink in. Scale the Summit has really achieved something great here – instead of pointless noodling like prog/technical bands are apt to do, all of the vast quantities of notes on this record actually have a purpose and meaning in the song. The songs ebb and flow, have interesting little tangents, build up to epic refrains, go into headbanging grooves, and of course have lots of technical wizardry for those of us who geek out about that. But most importantly these songs have vision – Scale the Summit is saying something with their music. It sounds to me like they’re channeling some of the grandiosity and complexity of nature. Maybe that’s why its called Carving Desert Canyons? If you like epic, uplifting, relaxing, complex, heavy, powerful music you should give this band a chance!

    Posted on November 24, 2009