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Carving out the Eyes of God

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  • Goatwhore have exceeded my expectations about 1,000,000 times over! I’ve liked them in the past but had no idea that “Carving out the Eyes of God” would be so good. Start to finish every song destroys, my favorites being the title track, “Provoking the Ritual of Death”, and the opener “Apocalyptic Havoc”. If you like Celtic Frost, you WILL like this album the inspiration is there throughout (the singer even goes “OOH!” like Tom G. Warrior LOL). Again, every song rules its consistently excellent, something too few albums can claim to be nowadays. Don’t expect black metal though, Tr00 kvlt black metal heads may be dissapointed in the good production and lack of keyboards/eerie sound effects LOL.

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  • What more can I say that hasn’t been said by anyone here already? I really like this album. I don’t find it too raw, nor is it overly polished. It takes a good dose of positive lessons learned from Falgoust’s other band Soilent Green (which is no bad thing given the bands depth of approach to making heavy metal!), and it has enough variety and dare I say melody to make it an absurdly good album.

    Goatwhore, to me, has come from being just another blackened black/death metal ‘we are badder than bad’ band to something more respectable by way of consistently good songwriting as experienced here with COtEoG. Not sure people will like it but I found that I had to compare it with Soilent Green’s ‘Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction’ almost straightaway, with its hammer and nail thrashy delivery. These boys don’t like choruses and they don’t like mediocre expressions of anything either, which is a refreshing thing. The Celtic Frost homage can be picked up too and is refreshing to hear.

    My favourite song of them all for me has got to be the catchy title song COtEoG, but it’s good from the get-go right through to the reflective end. Needless to say, I am basically finished with my heavy metal / death metal phase which has lasted me 5 or so years, and I have moved onto jazz, electronica and other forms of music. But I still really enjoy listening to this particular album. The only criticism I can find?…. is perhaps that they need a new subject matter, however it’s a minor infraction for an album that even God will find Himself moving to.

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  • Hailing from my hometown of New Orleans, LA, Goatwhore is the sonic equivalent of a trip through hell. Heavy, wicked, and possessing a sound that is all their own, Goatwhore is a band that thrives on the sin that infests our haunted city. I’ve always been a supporter of Goatwhore and enjoyed their work, but my jaw dropped from the opening verses of Apocalyptic Havoc and stayed that way throughout the album. And the title track, oh man, it’s a real treat. I could hear Satan himself in the title track. To those of you who thought all New Orleans had to offer metal was the great Phil Anselmo, check out this album.

    BTW, Goatwhore has members from other New Orleans bands. The singer Ben Falgoust is the vocalist of Soilent Green, another great NOLA band. Check out their albums. Also, Sammy Duet, guitarist, was formerly a member of one of my favorite bands of all time, Acid Bath. Check out Acid Bath for a metal band that truly sounds unlike anything that came before or after. Acid Bath is akin to listening to a murder wrapped in an acid trip, but, trust me, it’s not what you expect…

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  • Some thrashy blackened metal that picks up where “Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult” left off. Not all monotonous blast beats (but the blasts that are here are well placed). Ben sums it up perfectly in a recent interview, “We call it black n’ roll. Where you take the rock and roll and put it with black metal. It’s kind of like AC/DC actually does meet the devil on the highway to hell.”

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  • “Carving out the Eyes of God” is the follow-up to their stellar 2006 release “A Haunting Curse.” This album picks up where the previous album left off, continuing Goatwhore’s long tradition of combining multiple musical styles to form their own unique sound. If you are a fan of Goatwhore, you can tell them instantly, even if you haven’t heard a particular track.

    Goatwhore’s sound is pretty hard to put into a category, so I won’t even try. I will say that there is a lot of thrash, grindcore, death metal, and black metal involved in the sound. The black metal influence is mainly in the lyrics, as there isn’t a tremendous amount of tremolo picking or blast beats. It should also be noted that there are no synthesizers, as in symphonic black metal.

    The album was produced by Erik Rutan, guitarist/vocalist of Hate Eternal and former member of Morbid Angel, who has produced tons of bands, most notably Cannibal Corpse’s albums Kill and Evisceration Plague. Erik Rutan is, rightfully, in heavy demand as the go-to producer for heavy bands and his work on this album proves that he should be.

    I would say that the major influence on the sound of this album is Celtic Frost, as the slower tempo riffs sound very much like old-style Celtic Frost. Guitarist Sammy Duet, from the legendary New Orleans band Acid Bath, has stated that he is a big fan of Celtic Frost and the influence is definitely on display here, as with previous Goatwhore albums. In addition to the old-style Celtic Frost riffs, there is a dose of black metal-style tremolo picking, but it is not overused. I am glad that this is the case, as too many blast beats and tremolo riffs are not to my taste.

    The singer, Ben Falgoust (also the singer for Soilent Green), does his usual outstanding job delivering his anti-Christian lyrics, which are, as always, a step above average. Lyrically, Goatwhore is quite anti-Christian/Satanic, but that doesn’t mean that the lyrics are inane or stupidly reactionary, as is too often the case with anti-Christian/Satanic lyrics. Ben Falgoust has a way with words and does what he does, in my opinion, better than anyone else writing his style of lyrics.

    The bass and drums are very solid and hold the whole package together perfectly. The drumming is, thankfully, restrained at most points and this helps the music have more power. Sometimes fewer notes have more power and the guys seem to understand this.

    Bottom line: Highly recommended for anyone who likes thrash, grindcore, death metal, or non-symphonic black metal (early Bathory, Venom).


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