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Carving out the Eyes of God

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  • Hailing from my hometown of New Orleans, LA, Goatwhore is the sonic equivalent of a trip through hell. Heavy, wicked, and possessing a sound that is all their own, Goatwhore is a band that thrives on the sin that infests our haunted city. I’ve always been a supporter of Goatwhore and enjoyed their work, but my jaw dropped from the opening verses of Apocalyptic Havoc and stayed that way throughout the album. And the title track, oh man, it’s a real treat. I could hear Satan himself in the title track. To those of you who thought all New Orleans had to offer metal was the great Phil Anselmo, check out this album.

    BTW, Goatwhore has members from other New Orleans bands. The singer Ben Falgoust is the vocalist of Soilent Green, another great NOLA band. Check out their albums. Also, Sammy Duet, guitarist, was formerly a member of one of my favorite bands of all time, Acid Bath. Check out Acid Bath for a metal band that truly sounds unlike anything that came before or after. Acid Bath is akin to listening to a murder wrapped in an acid trip, but, trust me, it’s not what you expect…

    Posted on December 3, 2009