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Carving out the Eyes of God

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  • Goatwhore have exceeded my expectations about 1,000,000 times over! I’ve liked them in the past but had no idea that “Carving out the Eyes of God” would be so good. Start to finish every song destroys, my favorites being the title track, “Provoking the Ritual of Death”, and the opener “Apocalyptic Havoc”. If you like Celtic Frost, you WILL like this album the inspiration is there throughout (the singer even goes “OOH!” like Tom G. Warrior LOL). Again, every song rules its consistently excellent, something too few albums can claim to be nowadays. Don’t expect black metal though, Tr00 kvlt black metal heads may be dissapointed in the good production and lack of keyboards/eerie sound effects LOL.

    Posted on December 3, 2009