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Catch Thirty-Three

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  • Gradually this becomes my favourite Meshuggah cd. It has to be said, much about this album is wilfully _difficult_ as so much rests on whether one has the patience, or indeed the very desire, to sit through repeat listens. Indeed, intense repetition seems at first glnace to be the order of the day here, but as I said, the entire thing is weighted to challenge: the repetition at the start is somewhat annoying and headache inducing, but notice how the subtle shifts in the main riff (a note here, a slight key shift there) become as desirable as a big chorus or a cheesy riff. This is the idea behind C33. Attention to detail is the key-the frustrating, impossibly tense build-up that endas ‘In Death’, giving way to the cathartic release in ‘Shed’, the shocking reappearence of the original riff toward the end, the furious ending itself, the weirdness of ‘Minds mirrors’, or the plain incrdible riffing in the ‘In Life/Death’ duo which is mindboggling.
    Not easy to get into then, not by any means, and may suit listeners who enjoy the avant-garde, the disonnant (you know, the finer things in life) or those who like their art to be engaging on a purely intelectual level, with emotion shed and rational thought engaged.
    Saying that, the whole thing is really heavy, and I nearly broke my neck headbanging to it when I had long hair.

    Posted on November 10, 2009