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  • I was turned on to Therion not too long ago, and have already snagged three of their albums. I absolutely love the band. I am a full fledged fan of their music. The mix of opera, classical music and metal is superb. This 6 disc DVD set, regrettably, is not. Disc 1 of their concert in Mexico City was mixed rather poorly, and is a weak substitute to their studio versions. For reasons the band explains, it’s shot at the beginning of their tour, and it shows. The chemistry between the band members is absent, and everyone tiptoes around the choir as if they’re the proverbial elephant in the room. And it pains me to say this. I truly wanted to love this concert. Disc 2 is something you’ll glance over once, and probably never see again. Repeated songs from Discs 1 and 3, poor navigation, marginal interest. Disc 3 has a relatively short, but worthwhile, recording of their show at Wacken (to me, it’s the highlight of the entire package). Disc 4 … hmm, just my opinion, but don’t bother. The band even halfway apologizes for the quality of the recordings. Discs 5 and 6 are audio versions of this and that from the first 4. Honestly, a full 1 DVD disc of a concert similar to Wacken, and I’d be the first to shout from the rooftops that this is amazing. Six discs …. too much, not enough. Again, the band I adore. This package, I do not.

    Posted on February 4, 2010