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Chaos A.D.

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  • I find it interesting (and funny) that to some people, the success of an album hinges on whether or not it’s “commercially accessible.” Metal artists walk a finer edge than most today (except probably for punk artists), in that every _POSSIBLE_ move they could make constitutes selling out. You’re a sellout in the metal and punk worlds if: You release a record. Your sound goes too “soft”. Your sound changes. You play venues with seats instead of barstools, etc etc.Sepultura is a case in point. “Chaos AD” is, in my estimation, their finest record. “Refuse/Resist” leads off the album with a ripping-hammer punch that socks you into your seat. “Territory”, “Slave New World” and “Nomad” are outstanding songs as well, running the gamut from the slow, heavy trudge to the fast-paced pummeling guitar that was Sepultura’s bread and butter for so long.”Chaos AD” also features Sepultura’s first serious exploration of tribal and political issues, with the songs “Kaiowas” (named for a tribe of native South Americans that were all but wiped out) and “Biotech is Godzilla” (co-written by Jello Biafra). “Biotech…” is more than just funny, anyone who knows about the horrors that are foisted upon the working class and poor in South America knows that the song is brutally accurate and sounds a wake-up call to the civilized world.This is Sepultura’s finest work. The collaborations are smooth and well-executed, the songs are well-paced and well written. And yet, to people like my buddy Chael, an enjoyable record is a failure. I don’t get that. I KNOW the band wants people to listen, did you ever hear of a band that wanted their records to make people shut them off? Some argue that Sepultura’s earlier records were meant for the loyal hardcore audience. The fact is that a truly loyal audience would appreciate their musical growth, realize that stagnation is what comes from never changing your sound, and encourage them to constantly evolve and come up with new things to amaze us with.Chaos AD was one of these albums, and I suggest you play it until your ears bleed.

    Posted on November 25, 2009