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Chaos A.D.

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  • Sepultura’s first dip into the tribal element of their music is a masterpiece and a half. As soon as the opening track `Refuse/Resist’ kicked in I was in love with this album, its a real romper-stomper of a track and also an early version of `Roots Bloody Roots’ from the `Roots’ album. Its clear this album was a transition point for Sepultura, they still thrash with the best of them but the introduction of tribal drums adds that bit extra flavour. Sepultura were later to plunge more tribal with `Roots’ but I felt they dropped the thrash element which is what makes `Chaos AD’ so special. The tracks themselves are awesome, no turkeys here. `Territory’ continues to rage as hard as the awesome opener and theres plenty of variation to follow. The acoustic `Kaiowas’ is certainly a step away from the norm for Sepultura and its pretty good too. Its plain to see this is where Sepultura took a major step away from being `just another thrash metal band’ and introduced a bit more experimentation into their style. And Max’s vocals are as beautifully aggressive as ever.If you like the tribal element to this check our the album `Roots’, but if its the thrash which appeals more then check out the album before this, `Arise’.Fast, loud, heavy, thrashy and tribal – this is Sepultura at their peak with all the best elements.

    Posted on November 25, 2009