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Chaos A.D.

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  • There are four classic sepultura albums, those being arise, beneath the reamains, roots and chaos a.d.. For the thrashers the choice pic is either arise or beneath the reamains, for the trendies who just happened to come across sepultura or heard Jonathan davis was on the record it’s roots. I find myself unappealed my the kornish work of roots and although arise and beneath the remains are great cd’s chaos a.d. is my personal favorite. Some of the all time sepultura classics are on this disc, including slave new world, refuse/resist, amen, propaganda, biotech is godzilla, clench fist, territory, and nomad. Sepulutura are flawless on this album, the political lyrics, the deep growls of max, the great guitars by andreas, and drums of igor. This is where i feel sepultura reached thier musical hight and released an all time classic.

    Posted on November 25, 2009