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Chaos A.D.

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  • Sepultura emerged from Brazil in the mid80s as a strong death metal group suffering from poorly produced albums. In 1989 they released Beneath the Remains, a very strong thrash album in the vain of a heavier Metallica. On 1991’s ARISE they played great thrash but added some sounds from their native Brazil. In 1993 the boys from Brazil released this hard hitting, masterpiece. They finally play to their full potential and emerge as one of the best bands in metal history. This album & ROOTS are 2 of the best ever metal albums and even surpass Metallica & Slayer. The production is perfect & all of the instruments sound great. Max Cavalera has the best voice in metal, period. He growls powerfully with out it sounding cheesy like most other death metal “singers”. His rythmn guitar is also flawless. Plus his lyrics are about injustice, corruption, anger, hate and are much better than the cliche doom and gloom lyrics most Death metal groups bark at you. Igor Cavalera is the best drummer in metal period. NO drummer has his ability to hit so hard and play so fast. On this album he adds lots of little touches instead of the same unrelenting beat his peers are stuck with. Andreas throws in some blistering guitar solos backed up by Paulo’s able bass. They begin adding some jungle sounds that will be expanded upon on thier follow up ROOTS.1. Refuse/Resist. 10/10 Starts off fast, pounding and angry.2. Territory. 10/10 My favorite song on the album. Great drum start then the band joins the party. Masterpiece.3. Slave New World. 10/10 Short burst of heavy thrash.4. Amen. 9/10 Not as fast as the others but great mood and still is very heavy.5. Kaiowas. 10/10 Nice quiet break then the band plays acoustic guitars with Brazillian drumming. The drumming is outstanding.6. Propaganda. 9/10 Great song, I love the slow pounding drum solo towards the end.7. Biotech is Godzilla. 8/10 Silly tittle but short fast song about how the powers that be will use biotechnology for their own greedy needs.8. Nomad. 8/10 Good song. Igor sure can pound on those drums.9. We Who Are Not As Others. 8/10 Basically an intrsumental. Tight.10. Manifest. 10/10 Angry song about a brutal prison massacre in Brazil and the cover up by the government.11. The Hunt. 9/10 This is a cover song they make their own. Fast and perfect.12. Clenched Fist. 8/10 Great album closer.Bonus tracks13. Chaos BC. Remix of Refuse/Resist with mixed results.14. Kaiowas. Recorded with a Brazilian tribe deep in the Rain Forest. Outstanding.15. Territory (live). It must have been fun to be in the mosh pit for this.16. Amen/Innerself (live). Great blend of Amen from this album and Innerself from Beneath the Remains.Sepultura with Max was a great band. They played thrash/death metal better than anyone else while adding great lyrics against the establishment of any government that doesn’t take care of its poor citizens. They would only make one more great album before this lineup dissolved. If you are new to Sepultura by all means start here, you can’t go wrong. Must have to be a diehard Sepultura fan.

    Posted on November 25, 2009