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Chaos in Motion [2 DVD]

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Dream Theater’s Chaos In Motion World Tour kicked off June 3rd, 2007 in Milan Italy and ended on June 4th 2008 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Chaos In Motion 2007-2008 captures it all. Legendary drummer Mike Portnoy has assembled over 3 hours of live performances spanning the globe. Complete with a behind the scenes documentary, live screen projection films, music videos and a never before seen photo gallery, Dream Theater bring their fans the ultimate tour souvenir.

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  • To the point, like has already been said, I had no idea this would be a raw footage DVD, which will require some adjusting to, especially since Budokan and Score spoiled me so thoroughly.

    Also, James Labrie’s singing was just…off! I totally loved Blind Faith (Six Degrees was my first DT album), but I found myself wincing every time he hit the high note in the hook. That’s my main complaint really, he’s great so long as he stays in the mid to low range. I’m really sorry about his throat injury from years past, but it seems like it’s still plagues him. I sincerely hope he overcomes this.

    Now for the good stuff: The muscianship! These guys are incredible! Right now I’ve just finished listening to Surrounded and the ad libs and embellishments are brilliant. They have set the bar pretty high and they continue to live up to it. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The live portion looks as if someone shot this with a camcorder from 1985. Compared to the Score and Budokan DVD’s this is a bootleg. I have the Dark Side of the Moon and and Live in Bucharest bootleg DVD’s and the video quality is similar. The audio on the DVD is good, which is why I can’t understand why the video quality is so bad.

    Buy this for the bonus stuff (videos of the singles off of Systematic Chaos) and the behind the scenes documentary. Not for the live section.

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I almost think that Portnoy wanted it this way, Because if you watch Score that is one of the best DVDs/Cds i have ever heard. Some people think i am nuts, but that DVD/CD is great. Chaos In Motion – Well They obviously couldn’t record wih HD Camers , because of the expense and as far as the songs & performances – I think they are average at best Except Surrounded which i think is outstanding work especially Petrucci, and i think he shines on this DVD/CD……….But like i said it is average at Best. I was looking so forward to this and now that i have seen & listened to it ..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Not so Good!

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I am a died hard Dream Theater fan and I love the band and their music, but I must say that this DVD is a huge disappointment. The format is similar to the old “Five Years in a Livetime” video in that it intersperses various concert footage with interviews, backstage footage, etc. I have two serious problems with this. First, I find it highly annoying and distracting when I’m getting into the music and then it cuts away to something else. Music DVDs are best when they show a full concert from start to finish (without cheesy visual effects). Second, the sound and picture quality of the concert footage reminds me of a bad bootleg. I have literally seen bootleg concert videos from the 1970s that have much better sound and picture quality than this 2008 DVD. The bottom line: Dream Theater completists (like myself) don’t need to be reading this review, but if you’re a casual fan and you’re on the fence then I would highly recommend starting with their older, better DVDs such as Score, Live at Budokan, Live Scenes from New York, Images & Words Live in Tokyo, or the official bootleg When Dream & Day Reunite from Chaos in Motion is by far the weakest Dream Theater DVD to date, which is a shame because the music itself is great (especially “Surrounded”, “Lines in the Sand”, and “Scarred”).

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I bought Dream Theater’s Chaos in Motion off another website and for some reason they shipped it early and I got it today. Here is what I think about it.

    I have every Dream Theater DVD to date, but this one lacks the quality of Live at Budokan or Score. I didn’t know that this was going to be raw footage until I read the back of the case. The video quality looks decent, but if your expecting the look or nice camera angles of the past concert DVDs, you might be disappointed.

    There are plenty of extra features on disk two that run well over two hours. There is a 90 minute documentary about the band’s 35 country tour, some music videos and Mike Portnoy takes us on and behind stage in two short, but enjoyable segments. I really loved the documentary. You get to know the band, the crew and what life on the road is like.

    The main thing Dream Theater does well with these DVDs (and they put one out about every two years) is the fact that they all feature different songs. The songs on here won’t be found on the previous releases, which is nice for the fans.

    The concert footage is good, could be better, but with a whole disc of extras, this is a must for anyone who likes Dream Theater.

    Disc one
    Intro/Also sprach Zarathustra
    Constant Motion
    Panic Attack
    Blind Faith
    The Dark Eternal Night
    Keyboard Solo
    Lines in the Sand
    The Ministry of Lost Souls
    Take the Time
    In the Presence of Enemies
    I. Trial of Tears
    II. Finally Free
    III. Learning to Live
    IV. In the Name of God
    V. Octavarium

    Disc two
    “Behind The Chaos On The Road” 90 minute Documentary

    Promo Videos: Constant Motion, Forsaken, Forsaken (In Studio), The Dark Eternal Night (In Studio)

    Live Screen Projection Films:
    The Dark Eternal Night (N.A.D.S)
    The Ministry Of Lost Souls
    In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 2

    “Mike Portnoy Stage Tour”
    “Mike Portnoy Backstage Tour”

    Photo Gallery

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now