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Chaos in Motion [2 DVD]

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  • I am a died hard Dream Theater fan and I love the band and their music, but I must say that this DVD is a huge disappointment. The format is similar to the old “Five Years in a Livetime” video in that it intersperses various concert footage with interviews, backstage footage, etc. I have two serious problems with this. First, I find it highly annoying and distracting when I’m getting into the music and then it cuts away to something else. Music DVDs are best when they show a full concert from start to finish (without cheesy visual effects). Second, the sound and picture quality of the concert footage reminds me of a bad bootleg. I have literally seen bootleg concert videos from the 1970s that have much better sound and picture quality than this 2008 DVD. The bottom line: Dream Theater completists (like myself) don’t need to be reading this review, but if you’re a casual fan and you’re on the fence then I would highly recommend starting with their older, better DVDs such as Score, Live at Budokan, Live Scenes from New York, Images & Words Live in Tokyo, or the official bootleg When Dream & Day Reunite from Chaos in Motion is by far the weakest Dream Theater DVD to date, which is a shame because the music itself is great (especially “Surrounded”, “Lines in the Sand”, and “Scarred”).

    Posted on November 22, 2009