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Chaos in Motion [2 DVD]

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  • To the point, like has already been said, I had no idea this would be a raw footage DVD, which will require some adjusting to, especially since Budokan and Score spoiled me so thoroughly.

    Also, James Labrie’s singing was just…off! I totally loved Blind Faith (Six Degrees was my first DT album), but I found myself wincing every time he hit the high note in the hook. That’s my main complaint really, he’s great so long as he stays in the mid to low range. I’m really sorry about his throat injury from years past, but it seems like it’s still plagues him. I sincerely hope he overcomes this.

    Now for the good stuff: The muscianship! These guys are incredible! Right now I’ve just finished listening to Surrounded and the ad libs and embellishments are brilliant. They have set the bar pretty high and they continue to live up to it. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

    Posted on November 22, 2009