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Nuclear Blast continues our Meshuggah worship, this time with a reloaded reissue of their 1998 classic, Chaosphere! This album boasts some of their best known songs and now includes tracks from the True Human Design EP! Housed in a Super Jewel Case with tons of bonus material, this is vital material for any longtime Meshuggah fan, and a proper introduction to their older material for new fans gained during their highly successful campaigns for 2002’s Nothing and 2008’s monster, obZen!

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  • I am not a “day one” fan, since I was given a copy of Destroy.Erase.Improve. by a bandmate years ago. But I love Meshuggah as if I were. I just wish to give all respect to those who HAVE stuck with them since day one. That said, I will also include the fact that I myself am a Musician, so I appreciate the technical aspect of the playing as well as the entertainment it delivers. Now Chaosphere is NOT a new album, and is concidered by most Meshuggah fans as the Highpoint, or the one that all other albums will be compared to. I really don’t think fans are fair to the bands or themselves when they do this, because they only rob themselves of what could be a great experience. In my opinion Meshuggah does great with every album, but you can like one better. Catch 33 is the one I enjoyed most. But Chaosphere is where everything changed for them, they turned everything they were doing from D.E.I.’s Metal/Freeform jazz feel, into a technical metal assault with the same techniques as previous albums. With this being remastered, it sounds better than ever. Diehard Meshuggah fans will love themselves for buying this one. It like loving a painting for years and then being handed a magnifying glass to really get into the fine detail. The opening track, Concatenation, is like a beating that doesn’t stop, and only gets more severe. The fan favorite New Millenium Cyanide Christ takes everything they do best and show it in purest form. Not overly technical, but strong enough to remain the fan favorite after all these years, and several more albums. After that the album dives further into a confusing set of beats and riffs becoming faster and more complex as it goes. Until it hits Machinery of Torture where it not only slows down, but, becomes spoken word. While in the musical side of the song, the simplest piece is turned inside out and made into a very tight feeling song, before the chorus opens up and lets loose with screams again. Then wraps up with Elastic, which is an Epic in the only way Meshuggah could do it. Just listen to the whole thing one time at least with out skipping or stopping. The extra tracks on this version are not new songs at all. But are nice to have added to the disc and remastered along with it. A more volatile version of Future Breed Machine(sounds impossible?), and then a hilarious take on the same song renamed Futile Bread Machine showing that Meshuggah is not so high on thier brutal reputation, and can take time out to poke fun at thier own songs. Anyone who has heard Bleed and is trying to decide where to turn after that, look to Chaosphere, then I would say, either Destroy Erase Improve, or Nothing, whichever you’d like. Catch 33 is like a lost song from the Nothing album, that just happens to be about 53 minutes long. It’s up to you.

    Posted on December 8, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Chaosphere is one of my favorite Meshuggah albums. This is worth it if you are a fan and don’t own Chaosphere already.

    This is like Contradictions Collapse/None…Chaosphere (Reloaded) is the original Chaosphere album with the True Human Design EP included on it. The only track that it is missing is the live version of Future Breed Machine that was originally on True Human Design.

    Posted on December 8, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I love this album like every other Meshuggah album but I was expecting it to be a remastered version which is not the case, this is just the original Chaosphere album plus some bonus tracks.

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now