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  • Poor Staind. No one ever seems to understand them. Their first two albums, “tormented” and “dysfunction” were hits, showcasing staind’s heavy blend of hard rock, and frontman Aaron Lewis’s screwed up family angst. But after “dysfunction” staind started to play down the heaviness, and focus on their musical abilities. Lewis dropped the screaming for the most part, but his angst stayed the same. Still, all the wimps hiding behind their message boards talked crap.
    With this, their fifth release, Staind continue pretty much where “break the cycle” and “14 shades of grey left off” the lead single, right here, is a breathtaking piece, followed by many more. I recently saw Staindwith three days grace and hurt on the Jagermeister world tour, and their show was a breathtaking experience for me, my girlfriend and our 2 friends.
    So everyone who doesnt believe in evolution…stop talkin crap and go listen to your crappy pop-emo bands………stop disrespecting legitimate artists like staind

    Posted on March 4, 2010