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Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow

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  • Fans of Sevendust, we have ANOTHER great CD from this great group. I really score this album a 4.5, but, Amazon doesn’t allow that. So, I rounded up.

    Chapter VII is a nice mix of heavy rock and melodies, like most of their CDs. The only reason I knock this album down to a 4.5 instead of 5 is that we all saw what Sevendust was capable of with “Alpha.” HEAVY Sevendust is the best kind of Sevendust. On this album, we see 2 or 3 slower rock songs again, as in previous years. As much as I like Lajon’s singing voice, I was hoping the group was going to continue with last year’s pace, all-out heavy rock music. Still, the album is excellent.

    With 12 songs that clock in at 53 minutes, we receive a nice amount of music on this CD. That pleases me. Also, there are a few guitar solos that are done quite well. I love guitar solos, so those made me happy when I heard them. It was track #4 that had me smiling on my drive to work this morning.

    Overall, GREAT CD that is very worthy of a purchase. I bought it off iTunes this morning for $10 (I wanted it for the work day), and will buy the actual CD tonight after work for $10. So, I’ll be spending $20 on the album, and I’m not regretting it. It’s another Sevendust CD, you can never go wrong with that. Buy it.

    Posted on March 10, 2010