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Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow

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  • Right now this is one of my two favorite new cd’s. The other being In Flames “A sense of Purpose.”I’d say with a little more time this album could have been that much better, but like all Sevendust albums it’s still quite good. They throw in quite a bit of variety which I love. There are also more guitar solos than any other Sevendust album, as far as I remember. On a scale of of 1-10 I’d give this a solid 7 maybe 8. I’m enjoying this one more and more every time I hear it.

    Inside – this one has an intro that goes on a little too long for my taste, but when the song gets going it’s one of my favorites on the album. It’s a kind of alpha-esque song with a solid riff and good drum beat. Probably the heaviest song on the album. I wish they had expanded on the bridge a little and maybe put an instrumental break, but still it’s a great song. 9/10

    Enough – This one’s a decent enough rocker. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it except that it’s an enjoyable song. 7/10

    Hope – This is probably my favorite song, either this or inside. Musically I think it’s the most diverse on the album. I like the main riff and the solo. The stringed instruments during the solo were cool as well. 10/10

    Scapegoat – This one has kind of quieter verses with some electronics and a heavy very catchy chorus. Some of the lyrics in this one for me are a bit… but I’m a sucker for a catchy chorus and it is still a good song. 8/10

    Fear – Another good song. This one like Enough I don’t have a whole lot to talk about. It’s kind of a mid-tempo rocker with some cool musical pieces thrown in 7/10

    The Past – My least favorite song on the album, not because of the writting. The song is well written. It’s an acoustic song. I just can’t get into Daughtry’s voice. It reminds me too much of the guy from Shinedown. Still it’s not a bad song and right now I’m not minding hearing it. 6/10

    Prodigal Son – A mid-tempo rocker that I really like. There’s just something about the vocals in this one that I really like. Something about them just sound different from what Lajon has done in the past, but I can’t put my finger on it. There’s also a short, but decent solo. 8/10

    Lifeless – This one’s a little faster than a mid-tempos song. It’s a rocker with a quieter chorus. There’s also another decent guitar solo. I hope they keep using solos from now on. 8/10

    Sorrow – This one’s another slower one with the lead singer from Alter Bridge. Yesterday at work I had this one going through my head. I like the main riff. They use a cool effect, I think it’s either a chorus or flange, but it’s been a long time since I’ve played with guitar effects so I can’t remember. Kennedy’s voice sounds different than I remember on any Alter bridge album. I hope for their next one he uses this style for a song or two. 8/10

    Contradiction – This is another of my favorites. This is another rocker. I like the chorus it’s kind of different from a typical Sevendust chorus. 9/10

    Walk Away – This is another solid track and a good album closer. There’s more screaming in this one than any other song except maybe for Inside. 9/10

    I’d review the bonus tracks as well, but I don’t feel like it. I’ll just say that they’re pretty solid as well. You’ve got Lucky One and Disgust which are heavier and Heart in your hands which is slower. Still they’re enjoyable.

    This may not be my favorite Sevendust Album, but it’s certainly not a bad one.

    I think most Sevendust fans will find this one a good addition to their collection.

    Posted on March 11, 2010