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Child of the Novelty / Maxoom / Strange Universe

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  • Just noticed the availability of this 3-album 2-CD set and, having been a fan of Mahogany Rush from their humble beginnings, I would first and foremost recommend this mainly for the acquisition of CHILD OF THE NOVELTY. This was the first MH album I ever heard and, along with MH IV (<–their masterpiece), knocked me out with Frank's unbelievable guitar-playing and unabashed cloning of Hendrix's style of singing and playing. It would have been cool, if Jimi would have lived, to know what he thought of this great, underrated band. Tracks like "Look Outside" and "Changing" sound like they could have come right off the ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? album. I kept hoping for a chance to see this band perform live in concert, but never got that chance. Hopefully, the boys remain together today, in some incarnation, and will tour the clubs or casinos as other 70's bands have done. I agree with the assessments of other reviewers: if you have heard great things about MH, this would be the good primer for you. I was not overly impressed with MAXOOM…but then, it was their first album and the guys were just getting their chops down. CHILD, on the other hand, kicks booty from start to finish. Not a bad song on the whole album. STRANGE UNIVERSE showed their inevitable growth, but overall didn't turn my crank as strongly as CHILD (with the exception of the sheer majesty of its title track). If this 2-CD collection impresses you, then fasten your seat belt and latch on to a copy of MH IV, their 4th album and, IMO, their equivalent of a Sgt. Pepper album.

    Posted on December 14, 2009