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  • Following the brilliance of THIN LIZZY’s-”Black Rose” album, it’s hard to belive THIN LIZZY was able to create an album dead equal to the classic power of “Black Rose”. “Chinatown” featuring post-Gary Moore guitarist Snowy White, is rock solid start to finish. Surrounded in an aura of cocaine imagery, street fights, and dirty sex, “Chinatown” is tragically overlooked by many THIN LIZZY fans. Gorham and White’s guitar teamwork sounds like the work of longtime friends, not a first time guitar tagteam. If you love THIN LIZZY, “Chinatown” is undeniably essential, and offers yet another brilliant mountain peak, in the history of one of hard-rock’s most legendary acts. Listen for yourself, but make sure not to forget some nose numbing “sugar”.

    Posted on February 15, 2010