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Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

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  • Firstly let me say one thing. I view music for its qualities and whether it will stand up on its own merits in x number of years. Great music is timeless irrespective of the era it originated from. It should not be judged positively if the artist is the product of media advertising or commercial popularity. I collect and love music from classical, ragtime, swing, bigband, delta blues, country, r&r, psych, metal, avant garde, jazz, experimental, techno and even rap. This band and its output is THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR in popular music I have heard. It represents the dumbing down to a lobotomy of a long and rich musical heritage in music. My theory is this. Rap moves out of its original sources and seeps out into suburban white America. The original ideologies and talent is transformed into a banal, pathetic excuse for noise which even the most tone deaf and untalented industrialist could improve upon if they had no arms or legs and were fed on a diet of baked beans. This is narcissistic, moronic, penis/cranuim intertwined garbage. If you really think this has any qualities I do feel sorry for you as you were dealt a cruel hand in life. If you think this album says something or if it gives you a bit of spine because it says things you are too gutless to say or do then face it, you can’t cut it in this world. What’s the word – Loser, that’s it. Get a life and explore the huge amount of music that is actually created by artists with intelligence and talent.

    Posted on December 18, 2009