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Christ Illusion

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  • I tried to love this CD because it is the return of Dave Lombardo but it just leaves almost NO impression on me. Kerry King has been writing most of the Slayer material for the past decade and quite frankly I think it is dry and uninteresting. Jeff Hanneman was the driving force behind the great days of Slayer and I don’t know if he is just getting bored with the band or if he has lost his magic for writing great songs. Jeff has abondoned most of the song writing leaving King in charge. Sorry Kerry, but you are a subpar song writer at best. Your lyrics are juvenile and your wah guitar leads are annoying. I have a feeling that unless Jeff Hanneman gets inspired to write some new material we are doomed to listen to Kerry King’s C level version of Slayer. JEFF WHERE ARE YOU????

    Posted on January 27, 2010