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Cinco Diablo

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  • Pretty good! A step up from their last album but still not as good as Back Into Your System or Survival Of The Sickest.

    Posted on December 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The boys here are getting back into form from last disc, more rock for one, some may say they cheesed few same relabeled tunes from few other discs ,but they hold their own and are still fresh and there is a lil piece off each cd in my book , but to say the closest to form is the 3 previous to this cd, or like “survival” and the rockerz off “blood stained” overall this is more a solid disc like “survival” good disc and not overkill on the lovey mellow tunes altho there is a couple here, and i tunes has a killer bonus track called “hit me” ,only ten tunes is kinda a let down why i got off i tunes for the bonus track , overall better than last, “judgement day ” solid rocker & “hunt you down” also, family reunion has similar to” ladies & gents” but still rocks in a new light..

    Posted on December 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Saliva is one of the best rock band around at the moment. This album maintains there dominance. If you like there old stuff you will like this. Has some familiar sounds, new stuff, and some just good ole fashion rock.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was hoping this album would make up for their last album, Bloob Stained Love Story (which quite frankly, was slow, poppish, and sounded like they were selling out). I was not disappointed.

    Family Reunion – I liked this song, but its not a song I’d listen to on repeat
    My Own Worst Enemy – Good guitar rips, this song I’d put in an action movie
    Best of Me – This song is a little too repitive to listen to over and over, but its GREAT to listen to when you want to hear it.
    How Could You – Softer rock, a good song nevertheless
    Hunt You Down – One of my favorite saliva songs in years, up there with their early stuff.
    Judgement Day – My favorite song on this CD, amazing guitar rips, great to rock out to.
    Forever And A Day – Has the same sort of feel as Rest In Pieces, which i liked a lot, i love this song too even though it’s still slower than i usually like.
    I’m Coming Back – Has a SERIOUS flashback to their old sound. This is a good song.
    Southern Girls – This song has a little classic rock feel to it, This is a great song if you like the ACDC style.
    So Long – Just like a a good movie that has a bad ending, this song kils the album, its the reason i couldnt give it 5 stars.
    With the exception of the last track, and “How Could You”, this is a great album.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Lets set the record straight (pun intended….sorry). If you’re a Saliva fan you won’t be disappointed. Cinco Diablo has something from every prior album in every song. It’s a collectively good album, with higher and lower points. Some songs have simpler yet good structure with guitar tone similar to Every Six Seconds, some are more melodic and have Back in Your System-like guitar fills. You get the heaviness of Survival of the Sickest toned down just a bit in spots, and at other times you get the lighter, more produced sound of Blood Stained Love Story. None of the songs really strike me as filler.

    You’ll see others saying the album doesn’t bring anything different. While it does bring something different, its still Saliva. That’s why I bought it. Love Story was a step in a different direction, and probably the least favorite of any fan. What happened when Metallica brought something new to the table?

    You’ll see others complaining about Josey saying BOOM in his songs. It’s a trademark. Anyone that’s ever seen them live cannot disagree that Family Reunion will be a great live song, and I promise you the entire crowd will be yelling BOOM along with him. It’s a crowd interaction song the same as Click or Ladies and Gentlemen, or Always, and it was the correct choice for the first single.

    The songs:
    Family Reunion: First single. Classic Saliva sound.
    My Own Worst Enemy: Heavier verse, Back in Your System-like chorus.
    Best of Me: Heavier Blood Stained Love Story style song.
    How Could You: You got me here. A good song-yes. Could it be titled Always II, absolutely. Same song structure.
    Hunt You Down: Good `n heavy.
    Judgment Day: You can’t find fault in a song thanking a soldier.
    Forever and a Day: Slow song. Back in Your System style guitar fills.
    I’m coming Back: Every Six Seconds sound, more refined.
    Southern Girls: Very bluesy. Driving bassline, but guitar is written a couple octaves high for my liking. Probably least favorite of all the songs. Its ok.
    So Long: Another slow song. No comparison here really. A decent slow song. Second least favorite, but still not complaining.

    From a musician’s standpoint most of these songs should be fun to learn. Knowing about 75% of the first 3 albums, I only cared to learn 3 songs off Love Story. This one is different. I’m looking forward to learning most of these songs, you can sink you teeth into them just like the first 3 albums. That should say something about it. If you’re a fan, buy this CD, turn it up until the speakers start to crackle and turn it down a hair, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now