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Cinco Diablo

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  • I was hoping this album would make up for their last album, Bloob Stained Love Story (which quite frankly, was slow, poppish, and sounded like they were selling out). I was not disappointed.

    Family Reunion – I liked this song, but its not a song I’d listen to on repeat
    My Own Worst Enemy – Good guitar rips, this song I’d put in an action movie
    Best of Me – This song is a little too repitive to listen to over and over, but its GREAT to listen to when you want to hear it.
    How Could You – Softer rock, a good song nevertheless
    Hunt You Down – One of my favorite saliva songs in years, up there with their early stuff.
    Judgement Day – My favorite song on this CD, amazing guitar rips, great to rock out to.
    Forever And A Day – Has the same sort of feel as Rest In Pieces, which i liked a lot, i love this song too even though it’s still slower than i usually like.
    I’m Coming Back – Has a SERIOUS flashback to their old sound. This is a good song.
    Southern Girls – This song has a little classic rock feel to it, This is a great song if you like the ACDC style.
    So Long – Just like a a good movie that has a bad ending, this song kils the album, its the reason i couldnt give it 5 stars.
    With the exception of the last track, and “How Could You”, this is a great album.

    Posted on December 22, 2009