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Circus of Sound

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  • This disc is a fiery collection of energetic instrumental music. Its more rock oriented than their previous release that had a jazzy/fusion vibe to it. Nonetheless, it is a solid record with melodic tunes played by killer musicians. Chris Poland has a style that is his own and man can he shred. But he also plays with an emotion and soul that you can feel. Robertino Pagliari is a gifted bass player and his fretless playing reminds me at times of Percy Jones with a modern twist. The lineup has been extended in the drumming department. Kofi Baker, the drummer on the previous release, plays on seven songs, Joel Taylor on three, and Frank Briggs on four songs. All of them are excellent and they each add their own flavor. The disc is close to 53-minutes long and there is no filler. If you like instrumental rock music, and are looking for something different, do yourself a favor and check out this band.

    Posted on February 3, 2010