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Citizen Brain (CD/DVD)

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  • Hulk love thrash metal, and Gamma Bomb play thrash metal the way Hulk like. No acoustic intro, no eight-minute instrumental, no clumsy anti-war ballad, or song ask Hulk “cry for the Indians”. (Seriously, Anthrax: you lyrics embarrass Hulk.) Gamma Bomb deliver hundred megaton blast of catchy hook. Even guitar solo memorable, not just flurry of note. Hulk playing air guitar all across desert! Clean vocal, falsetto wail–Hulk die and go to thrash heaven? No, it just Gamma Bomb!

    But real surprise? Gamma Bomb lyrics. Clever! Gamma Bomb know thrash metal a little silly (but a lot awesome). Make lyric bombastic on purpose, not bombastic on accident because no know any better. Presume listener knowledge of byways of eighties popular culture. Hulk enjoy allusion to comic book, video game, horror movie. Hulk can’t believe Hulk ears–entire song lyrics quote from ROBOCOP screenplay?!? Thrash metal lyrics usually sound like write by semi-literate teenager. (Again, Hulk talking to you, Anthrax. Hulk love AMONG THE LIVING, but please consider take some class at community college.)

    Maybe Gamma Bomb visit desert, play for Hulk? Hulk smash false metal! Hulk love Gamma Bomb!

    Posted on March 16, 2010