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City of Evil

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  • OKAY, lemme just say that i am a huge avenged sevenfold fan. I have been since the early days, not just since city of evil came out. I sat idly by and watched the reviews pour in for city of evil, some good, some bad. But when the “metal expert” a couple of reviews below me dared to call A7X nu metal….i had to step in and say something. HOW CAN YOU CALL THEM NU METAL?!?!?!?!?! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT NU METAL IS?!?!?! NU METAL is bland riffs that take no major talent!!!!! Then you say tht the guitars r weak and there could be more solos!!!! Their are tons of solos!!!! Then you contradict yourself by saying tht the guitars are great!!! THT DOESN”T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!! You must have bad short term memory because apparently you forget what you write a couple of seconds before! And to complain about the vocals…..i guess i understand tht because most close minded metal heads tht only like screaming and bland clear vocals wouldnt like M. Shadows Axl Rose type of howl. BUT HEAR THIS: i love the screaming vocals of all the other current bands. I love lamb of god, himsa, agony scene, the absence, old inflames, arch enemy, god forbid, kalmah, all those good melodic death or american heavy metal bands, so anybody tht reads this dont say im some hapless mainstream wannabe. I EVEN LISTEN TO MATH METAL LIKE DILLENGER ESCAPE PLAN!!!! So yeah, the metal expert is a complete idiot and nobody, and i mean nobody should read his idiotic review. AND AVENGED SEVENFOLD ARE NOT NUMETAL!!!! and they didnt sell out either, because the definition of selling out is leaving your current style and going with wut is popular and deemed cool. Last time i checked, writing mostly 7 minute songs and having solos is not really apparent in the current mainstream!!!!! So anybody tht says they sold out can just shutup!!!!! GO LISTEN TO YOUR ATREYU AND NEVER SPEAK OR TYPE AGAIN!!!!!!

    Posted on February 14, 2010