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CKY, Vol. 1

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  • This album is truly one of the most innovative and powerful discs of the new millenium thusfar… a record that sounds destined to stand the rigors of time, 10, 15 years from now. CKY is a return to old school riff rock without sounding old school at all, a band operating on their own terms and procedures in an era where music is based on fickle trends and industry paychecks. Every song on Volume 1 sounds equally inspired and original, strong enough to stand alone or make an impact within the context of the CD.96 Quite Bitter Beings kicks things off with a riff that is already considered classic (the Jackass shopping cart song, kiddies), and the onslaught rages forth until the last chord. Volume 1 manages to be diverse without sounding jagged, every song blending seamlessly. Deron Millers voice, while not particularly outstanding, provides the perfect vehicle for the hypnotic vocal hooks and subdued lyrical delivery that weave in and out of Chad Ginsburg’s bombastic wall of sound production techniques and what-if-Jimmy-Page-was-in-Rage-Against-the-Machine riffs. Yet CKY’s sound remains elusive and always fresh.From the ethereal beauty of Disengage the Simulator and the beautiful Sarah’s Mask to the horns up furor of Rio Bravo and Promiscuous Daughter, Volume 1 deserves to be heard. There is still room for improvement and if rough demos are any indication, the next chapter in the CKY saga shall do just that. 5 out of 5.

    Posted on January 31, 2010