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Classic Masters

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  • First off, these Classic Masters CDs are top notch re sound quality. the remastering is excellentOf course, the Cds should be longer (more tracks), but what are ya gonna do?This is a nice collection, but I’m NOT buying it for this reason:The CD DOES NOT include “LADIES MAN” or “ALL OVER TOWN” (not to mention some of the other great early material)Both the above songs are very good, hard rocking April Wine tunes that DID receive radio play in the early 80’sSo EVEN THOUGH this collection includes other greats such as I LIKE TO ROCK, SIGN OF THE GYPSY QUEEN and their excellent cover of King Crimson’s “21st CENTURY SCHIZOID MAN”, it’s OMISSION of “Ladies Man” and “All Over Town” keep me from buyingIt’s a SHAME because these two very good ROCK songs could’ve replaced a couple of those lame, commercial, sappy MUSH songs like “Love Remembered Me” or “Tell Me Why”This “could’ve been” a complete and most excellent hard rock example of April Wine.But EMI needs someone who knows the band a bit better to compile the tracksThat being said, it’s an okay introduction and you can be guaranteed that the sound quality is excellentJust a shame it’s not complete with essential songs from this bandMarc

    Posted on January 7, 2010