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Classic Queen

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  • This is one of the better album’s I’ve bought in a while. Before getting this, I borrowed “Greatest Hits” from a friend, and looked at Classic Queen.” Later I saw Queen on VH1 Legends, and it was then I knew I had to get it. Once I did, I became hooked. There are so many great songs on this. I get withdrawal when I dont hear “Bohemian Rhapsody” for some time. I also love “Radio Gaga,” “I’m Going Slightly Mad,” “These Are the Days of Our Lives,” “Headlong,” and “Under Pressure,” to name some. There is not one song on this album that I don’t LOVE! One of the songs that really does it for me is “The Show Must Go On,” the last song on Queen’s swansong album, “Innuendo.” It is exactly what Freddie was feeling inside during that era, in great pain, and forced himself to make music, and he pushed so hard that some of the songs on that album are some of the best vocal work I’ve ever heard. The end of the song also sends a chill down the spine, as the words “go on, go on” echo and fade out, almost as if Freddie died while recording this. Freddie had nothing to worry about, Queen’s show will forever go on.

    Posted on January 4, 2010