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Classic Queen

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  • One can only imagine the difficulties faced by producers trying to put together “Greatest Hits”-type compilation CDs for bands such as Queen. Their music ranges from straight heavy metal (“Stone Cold Crazy”) to soft rock (“These Are The Days of Our Lives”). Their career was a nonstop ride of hit followed by hit followed by hit.”Classic Queen” is a perfect compilation. This is not a greatest hits album. Instead, the listener will be treated to an extensive compilation spanning an incredibly-wide range of musical genres. This album perfectly demonstrates the genius of the band. You get the heavy metal (“Stone Cold Crazy,” “Tie Your Mother Down,” “One Vision”) as well as the melodic synth-driven songs like “I’m Going Slightly Mad,” “The Show Must Go On,” and “Under Pressure.”By the end of this collection of masterpieces, you should be convinced that Queen was more than showmanship and over-the-top stage antics. They were musical geniuses, and this CD is proof that they deserve their place in rock history.

    Posted on January 4, 2010