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  • Classics is the greatest hits collection for Triumph, a hard rock trio from Canada that both fairly and unfairly have been compared to Rush. Like Rush, they were as mentioned a Canadian power trio featured a lead vocalist with a high-pitched voice and a bassist who also doubled as their keyboardist. However, while Rush continue to update their sound and challenge themselves musically with each release, all of Triumph’s albums sounded very similar, mostly competent hard rock with a couple power ballads.

    Classics cuts away the fat from their albums and delivers their best material, much of which is first rate. “Rock & Roll Machine” and “I Live For The Weekend” are the heaviest tracks here, with the latter featuring a great accompanied guitar solo from vocalist/guitarist Rik Emmett. The tracks “Hold On” and “Fight The Good Fight” are excellent songs in both their melodic arrangements and their positive self-help lyrics. The riff rocker “Follow Your Heart” and the pop-rock of “Somebody’s Out There” continue in this vein lyrically and despite sounding very reminscent of their era are fine songs. “Lay It On The Line” and “A World Of Fantasy” are also both strong tracks featuring excellent vocals from Emmett. However, the one undeniable gem here is “Magic Power”, one of the best hard rock songs of the ’80s that if it were released a few years later would have been a monstrous hit. The remaining tracks “Spellbound” and “Tears In The Rain” are decent but don’t touch the rest of the material here. Overall this is a solid compilation and worth picking up if you like good melodic hard rock.

    Posted on March 15, 2010