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  • i heart this album to the max! though i enjoy music from almost all genres (the exceptions being smooth jazz, rap, and country), i had always been dubious about the metal scene. one day on a whim i decided to kick it and bought an old shadows fall cd. it was fun cd for cruising around the geriatric neighborhood with the volume way up, so i was like, hmmm…what next?
    enter clayman! forget sf, this album is the boat-rocker. and i’m not just saying that – i can be a real criticizing music wench (like cradle of filth is too overdone for my tastes). the guitars are intensely melodic, the occasional synth is rad to my crAzy ears, and the strong, versatile vocals put all those whiny hardcore/straight-edge christian screamers to shame. my favorite track is definitely “only for the weak,” as i love the 80s and the synths that came with. all other songs are 8/10 or above…which is rare for an album. i had no idea metal could be so good.
    now, not only do i have the wild desire to buy the entire in flames discography (except maybe the newest cd, the style of which i don’t dig as much), but the doors have been opened to the wonderful world of melodic (death) metal.
    bottom line: clayman is FREAKING AWESOME. if i, one who can go from oingo boingo to the damned to pixies to tom jones, happen to love it, then there’s a good chance you will too.

    Posted on December 20, 2009