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  • How anyone could compare Cleansing to Kill ‘Em All is beyond me. But when they preface the only fast song on the CD with “slow heavy groove of…” then you know they must be listening to something else. Also calling it “noisy”. It’s only one of the tightest sounding recordings in all of metal. There is absolute zero studio excess on this CD. It’s very dry and slams at high volume.
    This is an iconic album and along with Roots, Vulgar Display of Power, In The Meantime, Burn My Eyes will stand the test of time and never get old.

    Prong are the evolution of Killing Joke into metal. Even though Killing Joke are still around and still great, Prong took the torch they dropped in the late 80’s and created a great mix of Metal and industrial like starkness.
    I agree that at first listens the 2nd half of the CD doesn’t have the immediate fire and hook of the first half but over time those latter songs became undiscovered gems to me as they give the CD diversity that helps it last.

    It’s interesting that in retrospect some of the best metal recordings to be made came at a time when the banners yelled metal is dead, long live alternative. No wonder metal is “mostly” lame now as it’s so prominent and popular that it’s fallen into the mass produced masses. A band like Avenged Sevenfold is no different to me than the Goo Goo Dolls or any female pop singer.
    Prong will never be in the same show as Christine Aguilera. Metallica would though *sigh*

    Posted on March 6, 2010